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My Favorite Albums

(In no particular order)

rip rig and panic – god

Jerry goldsmith – soundtrack to planet of the apes

the fall – hex’s induction hour

Pink Floyd – saucer full of secrets and piper at the gates of dawn

john coltrane – Afro blues impression

igor stravinsky – le sacre du pretiemts

frank zappa – yellow shark

Mary Margaret O’Hara – America

James brown – hot pants

black flag – jealous again

brian eno – before and after science

blurt – live in Berlin

Steve Reich – double sextet / 2×5

lounge lizards – voice of chunk

captain beyond – dancing madly backwards

ornet colman – the Atlantic years

ry cooler – Paris Texas soundtrack

Theloniuos monk – straight no chaser

Nina Rita – Satyricon

jethro tull – stand up

and a a lot of blues stuff

Lead belly son house lightin Hopkins muddy waters Elmore James Memphis Minnie  sonny boy Williamson







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